Wenwan walnut clusters to tens of thousands of fallen into dozens of Yuan was

Financial news of the economy and a half hours of CCTV, wenwan rise because Walnut Walnut unique textures, and after playing with sparkling sake. Some unique, clear, good quality Walnut wenwan, became the choice of many collectors. As sought after by everyone, a few years ago wenwan Walnut prices are climbing steadily, but starting from 2015, wenwan Walnut prices have imploded.

Wenwan Walnut Hill, from thousands of Yuan to dozens of Yuan, the market cooled and pounded.

The weekend, Beijing Shi Li he Tian-Jiao culture there to visit wenwan customers in the market, but the counter was empty.

Counter masters is called Xing Weilin, starting from 2008, is here engaged in wenwan walnut. Reporter in the economy and a half hours he spent most of the day here, barely seeing customers.

Xing Weilin wenwan Walnut businessman: I have not sold a pair, one didn’t sell.

Busy weekend market, all day long-unopened wenwan Walnut not Xing Weilin vendors.

Traders told reporters of the economy and a half hours, this Boer wenwan walnuts of the country started in 2000, in 2008 to 2011 after reaching the peak, has been in a high consolidation phase. But in 2014, mad Walnut suddenly stopped emergency line, and in less than three years ago, the Shi Li River wenwan market, sale of Walnut is another story.

September 2013 shilihe wenwan filled with large and small stalls outside the market, buyers and sellers to trade is in full swing with green walnuts.

“1000, 2000, 3,000, 5,000, and expensive, there are 10,000 yuan.”

End of August each year in early September, before and after Lu, is the annual “betting on green” time wenwan Walnut the most popular seasons. Bet on totally the same as bet stone, buyers bought in advance to see the fruit of green walnuts, site Peel, if you can bet to deserve, exterior, nice walnut, buyer will earn.

Blink, and a pair of green walnuts from 5000 to 20,000 yuan, buyers learned a little. And a booth just a morning time also can earn tens of thousands of Yuan, if it is peel, with a good and good appearance of the walnut, the price is even more expensive.

After more than two years later, how many green Walnut prices have dropped to about?

The wenwan Walnut size up to 50 mm, is the best counter of Xing Weilin, but prices and days vary.

Xing Weilin told reporters of the economy and a half hours, the former can sell 30,000 walnut, priced at 3,000 languish. Smaller or poorer quality of Walnut on the selling price, are handled by dozens of Yuan price.

From 1000 to the thousands of green walnuts and fell more than more than 100 or even dozens of Yuan each, green Walnut prices fall from the sky to the ground.

Watch another two months, new Walnut down totally, Xing Weilin counter over more than 300 left in the walnut is not sold, the cost is still confiscated back.

And as troubling as he also had a female shopkeeper, she told reporters of the economy and a half hours, also left more than more than 200 unsold for walnuts, if new supplies, faced risk of unsold, but if no new supplies, meant that she had to lose their jobs.

Wenwan Walnut business: selling this year for another year, if not will have to give up.

Compared to those kept quiet stall owner, had engaged in wenwan Walnut universe has experienced the pain of transformation of a series of recalls walnuts when markets are the most popular, he in the Tian-Jiao Shi Li River wenwan four stalls in the market.

Olive merchant universe: (formerly) almost six out of ten counters do walnut, baldric does now do.

Now, the universe has given up wenwan Walnut business, leaving only a stall and a store engaged in olive.

Qiankun told reporters of the economy and a half hours, from 2008 to 2013, he wenwan Walnut business for six years, was a one-way bet.

This catches on the emboldened, Rockefeller is also growing, invested hundreds of thousands of thousands, millions every year to package tree. By the year 2014, collect walnuts when he found, purchase prices have imploded.

The universe: the original 1000 bucks a fruit, now falls to 200 or 100 bucks a.

Look the price plunge in the universe, are not predicted to follow the market risks, he increases the amount purchased.

Not only that, the package tree to buy green walnuts also revealed a high level of risk, as the Green husk Walnut inside at all quality, such bets made heaven and Earth in 2014 fell down.

The universe: a tree down, you are basically the tip of the flowers white inside, all lost.

Poor quality of walnut, all dive prices in the market as a whole. The universe finally had to sale all the walnuts, lost in a complete mess, eventually sold the three shops.

From eating into play, from nutritional supplements into a work of art, wenwan Walnut gradually became investors and collectors ‘ favorite baby, into a strong business value. But busy Shi Li he market, once earned a fist full of Walnut vendors are now is no longer the scene of yesterday.

Blind by massively planting grafted glut which contributed to the crisis, Walnut Park, became a hot potato.

Chen Peixia, engaged in wenwan walnut has more than 20 years, this year’s downturn, the shop has not many guests, watching the new year under the walnut tree, Chen Peixia quickly low-price shops in walnut, as much as possible to recover some money to order new walnut.

A customer is bargaining with Chen Peixia, eventually sold for 350.

Customer: four before, you don’t have thousands of dollars without thinking.

In 2013, the economy and a half hours a reporter came to interview Chen Peixia shop, her shop has a price tag of 600,000, came out from the forbidden city in Beijing is said to have sold walnuts.

Nearly three years later, which has a history of several hundred years price walnut has been placed in Chen Peixia shop.

There had been an offer of 300,000, 600,000, or 900,000 yuan, Chen Peixia are not sold, up for grabs. Who knows the market took a nose dive, recalled the scene at that time, her heart is also mixed.

Chen Peixia: regret, say in sight to regret.

Seven years ago, watching the soaring wenwan Walnut market each day, Chen Peixia and her husband also made a decision – they package wenwan walnut.

This Walnut forest located in Miyun County, Beijing is under Chen Peixia couples packages, they often run into the field to see the walnut growing.

Eating in the garden has more than 300 before a thin walnut trees, in 2009, Chen Peixia turned them all into a wenwan walnut trees. Economic reporter for half an hour, but saw the big Woods, but few walnuts on the tree. Originally, spring winds in the mountains this year, Chen Peixia Walnut Park, lost 80% or 90% of fruit.

Chen Peixia: hundreds of thousands of packets of a tree, planted hundreds of trees and now lost. Grafted tree, size your first voted in more than 3 million grafts.

Harvest hope again this year, Chen Peixia couple cast their costs at the walnut orchard was far back, now wenwan price fell badly, this Walnut garden has become a hot potato.

Of the economy and a half hours of the reporter: cast a total of how much money?

Chen Peixia: more than 4 million, and overall is lost.

Although wenwan Walnut market is bad, but this is Chen Peixia couple years of living, they won’t easily go away. Their garden does not bear much fruit, they’re going to wenwan Walnut – the main origins of laishui County, Hebei province, to buy the walnuts on the other. Of the economy and a half hours of the journalists followed them to the bus kiosks, laishui village.

Yu Jinrui first kind wenwan, laishui Walnut farmers, walnuts in his family tree, fruits of high quality, when Chen Peixia per year in the past to collect walnuts, laishui, first stop is Yu Jinrui.

Yiqian, Yu Jinrui is to sell a tree is a tree, buyers need to be scheduled early green fruit on the trees, basically depends on buy. And now the price has been falling this year, Chen Peixia proposed, the whole garden itself, this can lower procurement costs.

The nearly 30-year old walnut tree is Yu Jinrui’s trump card.

Just three years ago, Chen Peixia had for the price of two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand packages that all green fruit on the tree. But over the past two years, the kinds of walnuts increasingly fierce competition. If you are contracting out the whole garden, his Walnut is also not worried about sales, Yu Jinrui thought it worthwhile, two begin bargaining.

160 trees, eventually sold for 800,000 yuan, Chen Peixia and Yu Jinrui, in such a deserted market, but also a good deal.

Now business is bad, but starting as early as 20 years ago Yu Jinrui has accumulated a lot of wealth. He led the village many people follow the trend of planting wenwan walnut. A few years ago, wenwan Walnut good, many villagers have built hundreds of thousands of houses, opened up a good car.

Three years ago, see the villagers earn money Wang Yingfu, envious, and was determined to make this piece of wasteland and planted more than more than 30 wenwan walnut.

Laishui County, Hebei province get Ting Tsuen Wang Yingfu: when this first came up, I didn’t have much confidence because the investment is not small, and then is later see benefits really cannot stretch.

According to Lai Shui local Association wenwan Walnut rough statistics, in wenwan Walnut prices highest in 2013, local growers of about 25,000 families, laishui, plant area of 35,000 acres, wenwan walnut tree more than 1 million. By wenwan Walnut prices in 2015, the walnut growers has reached 45,000, laishui, 65,000 acres planted, wenwan walnut tree more than 2 million trees, double the number 1 time.

According to rough statistics, from wenwan highest 2013 prices plummeted in price in 2015, laishui wenwan walnut trees have doubled the number of 1 time

Not only to plant trees on the rhythm, but also constantly updated Walnut varieties over the past few years, what varieties to sell fire, Cheung Kin-graft, but miss the market.

Beijing Miyun district farmer Zhang jianbo: that’s when blind to change, this time cannot be changed, which is the most stinky hot the future.

Not only in the Miyun area, bear son Zhai town, Pinggu district, Beijing, two years ago also started wenwan Walnut of boom

Korean jade in contracting business wenwan Walnut businessman nearly 6,000 acres of land devoted to growing wenwan walnut. Han Zhongyu told reporters of the economy and a half hours in 2010, when they first came to the Valley to plant trees, wenwan, Pinggu district as a whole only hundreds of walnut trees, a lot of effort, in order to ask for a tree someday.

Managed to get expensive after wild walnut trees bud, Han Yu began to graft mass in wenwan walnut trees.

Five years ago, he has planted more than 10,000 wenwan walnut, planting big bear village, Pinggu district rural wenwan walnut. Although the plant is big enough, but due to very low Walnut production, harvest to rely on, trying to recover tens of millions of Yuan planting costs is not easy.

Wenwan Walnut businessman Han Yu: Walnut harvest is five years, five years two of spring wind, cold damage.

But merchants such a generous wenwan walnut, local villagers followed joined the ranks of Walnut cultivation.

Farmers, Pinggu district, Beijing: villagers buy buds, investment sixty thousand or seventy thousand Yuan.

Of the economy and a half hours of the reporter: this investment is still quite high for you?

Farmers: Yes, quite tall, and policies of the Government, to an allowance. In order to prevent the bridesmaid risk a place

Bear village Township, Pinggu district deputy head of fuzhenming: to encourage people, seed walnut has a certain scale of rewards, guaranteed minimum of more than an acre of land.

Of the economy and a half hours of the reporter: how much?

Fuzhenming: an acre of land around 10,000 dollars.

The reporter learned of the economy and a half hours, Beijing Pinggu wenwan walnut, initially with a lion head, four floor of varieties known, the floor slabs is a mountain of Pinggu district, which only had a “floor slabs of lions” in Pinggu district, the old walnut tree house into the ditch.

The old tree bears wenwan Walnut shaped a solemn atmosphere, structured lines, flat-bottom thick cortical density well, hit by a walnut players.

Around 2008, when a pair of 46 mm “floor slabs of lions” cost up to 60,000 yuan. Such an attractive price, Pinggu, and even other parts of Beijing, Hebei farmers following grafting, grafting of tens of thousands of “floor slabs” walnut tree springing up. And now, a 46 mm of the floor slabs lion head, prices plummeted from hundreds of Yuan to 1000 Yuan, compared with a few years ago, is already plunging.

In interviews, industry insiders told reporters of the economy and a half hours, wenwan Walnut prices main reason, it boils down to market caused by the significant increase in the supply, due around 2012, wenwan massive planting and grafting of walnut. Wenwan Walnut growing, sell walnuts will become more and more difficult.

With the boom of walnut, wenwan Walnut prices have gone up tremendously in recent years, and because of wenwan Walnut price Carnival, eventually followed by a lot of follow the trend of planting, with the expansion of the market, resulting in wenwan Walnut prices have come down a lot now. In xingtai city, Hebei province, some villagers are preparing to deny, many years of painstaking wenwan thin Walnut walnut trees grow back into eating.

Wenwan Walnut roller-coaster prices, traders caught, deny switched to a thin Walnut

Liu Jinhai is a water town, xingtai, Hebei province, the village Party Secretary of dazhai village, he planted more than 10,000 wenwan walnut tree. This is Walnut shape, mold on the busy season, he didn’t mind doing these wenwan walnut trees. Because sales in town to help his nephew Wang Yuqian wenwan Walnut told him that walnuts sold this year is not so optimistic.

Wang Yuqian: the competition is so fierce, you go to market, and are down on sale of ten pieces of eight.

2015, the Wang Yuqian has repeatedly persuaded his uncle, Walnut grafted into eating thin Walnut wenwan, but Liu Jinhai shed my own business has been wenwan walnut trees, consult with his nephew, could better varieties grafted varieties wenwan walnut, boil for a further year.

These days, Liu Jinhai tossing and turning, finally he decided wenwan thin Walnut walnut trees grow to be eaten.

This resignation decision, announced Liu Jinhai and villagers a decade dashed dreams of wealth. In 2006, informed Liu Jinhai wenwan heard walnuts can be sold for a high price, it makes his blood boil, he and fellow go laishui County of Hebei province and Beijing after the visit, Liu Jinhai back home on a hill.

In the first three years, Liu Jinhai put back and forth more than 500,000 yuan, takes a lot of hard work, thousands of trees on the mountain of Catalpa Bungei tree grafting in the wild. But wenwan walnut tree fruiting rate is very low, coupled with rugged mountain, management is difficult, until the fifth year wenwan walnut trees begin to bear fruit in droves. Until now, Liu Jinhai fields there are still almost no fruit trees.

Planted wenwan Walnut five years later, in 2011, Liu Jinhai finally tasted the joy of making money, a pair of good quality walnuts can sell for tens of thousands of Yuan, which was unthinkable: the fruit trees of the species.

Water town, xingtai city, Hebei province village of dazhai village Party Secretary, Liu Jinhai: happy, of course, Apple only sold more than 20,000 acres of land at that time, the tree can sell ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars.

Not only high prices, sales do not have to worry about. Liu Jinhai told reporters of the economy and a half hours, every day, dozens of people from around the country to find out his walnuts.

Then in 2012, 2013, Walnut prices climbing into the high, Liu Jinhai because of cold, facing total destruction of combat.

Lived through three painful years, in 2015, Liu Jinhai finally ushered in wenwan Walnut harvest, but Pecan prices are like a roller coaster, before hundreds of pieces fell to 351, cheaper and even sold 1, 5.

For ten years, in wenwan walnut trees, Liu Jinhai spends too much effort. Except for the first two years, one-time investment of more than 500,000 yuan to invest fifty thousand or sixty thousand Yuan every year. Thought-through into the sea, do not want to commit any more cost and energy. Helpless, he has prepared these wenwan walnut trees they worked so hard to grow up, leaves a little cut, followed by a thin walnut tree buds.

Liu Jinhai: also very sad, after all, so many years to give it more than 10 years to build up to now, it cannot be used.

Liu Jinhai fellow An Yanshan also followed this trend a few years ago planted in wenwan walnut, input costs of hundreds of thousands of Yuan to date have yet to be collected.

Water town, xingtai, Hebei province, dazhai villagers now forced, forced by the markets, probably no one in the future.

Last year, Liu Jinhai and villagers in order to test the effect, changed a few thin walnut. He said that while a thin Walnut prices low, but the number of times or even dozens of times times higher than Ma walnut, profit was almost flat, and most importantly, thin-skinned walnuts won’t sell out.

Half an hour of observation: scarcity is the collection of core values

We say that an investment value of items for collection has three main points: non-renewable, scarcity, and increment. Wenwan walnut and many collections are not the same, it does not have a non-renewable, new fruits grow every year and production has increased, naturally it is not scarce, thus its value there is a great deal of uncertainty.

Appears behind the hot market, already carries risks, once supply exceeds demand, farmers and investors may suffer losses. We should understand that as long as the investment entails some risk, took the opportunity to cash in, there was one risk, size up the Err is the best choice.


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