Beijing sells billions of Princess at the end of the Villa intermediary usage

Beijing sells billions of Princess at the end of the Villa: intermediary usage information black hole shuffle out consumer

“Villa Princess” is actually in 1993, several families in the village house renovated. The Beijing Youth daily

The Beijing Youth daily, July 17, in recent days, “Prince of the Xiangshan Park Su 17 gegejinmo jade Villa” bid 140 million yuan from selling information in online triggered great concern. Beijing Youth daily Reporter visits found that the property is located in the fragrant Hills Park in a village outside, in fact, just local villagers houses rebuilt, and agency currently has the property off the shelves, and removed the “summer mansion of Princess” and so forth.

At a price of 200,000 yuan per square meter Villa recently began to hang the net sales of long-term ownership, nearly 4 times higher than the median home in the neighborhood. HomeLink real estate agents according to the information provided, the Villa in Beijing’s fragrant Hills Park, was the last Princess of the Qing dynasty–17 gegeaixinjueluo • the Prince of Su Chi (also known as Jin Moyu) mansion. Royal Garden, Mystery Mansion, Manchurian princess Kawashima Yoshiko sister obviously is the biggest selling point to attract investors, they immediately caused concern.

However, the fragrant Hills Park Service recently said, “the ancient Palace of the fragrant Hills Park sold” is false information. Beijing Youth daily Reporter visits to find that the actual location in the fragrant Hills Park outside in the little mountain village, is just an ordinary homes. Public opinion questions, current real estate listings from chain online. Experts advise that homeowners should be vigilant estate agents of various routines.


Villa Princess sold online permanent property rights?

Chain of intermediary site previously public information released recently: this Villa belongs to the Prince of Su Qing dynasty’s ancestral mansion, located in Beijing’s fragrant Hills Park, covering an area of 1076.68 square meters, 688.9 square meters on the room, is only available in the fragrant Hills Park single-family courtyard, long-term ownership. Now owners to the 140 million Yuan and the price will be sold with the House and yard, price of about 200,000 yuan per square meter.

Series pictures, provided through the intermediary of apartment floor plans can be seen, the main building of the Villa is a style classic style, two-storey, minus one for the garage, first floor has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, one living room, the second floor has a 130 square meters large living room, 1 kitchen 1 bathroom. Indoor decoration of fashion-forward, and the outdoor garden design is about pavilions, antique, rockeries, waterfalls, corner pavilions, corridors, bridges, small lake, bamboo, beautiful. Real estate agent, owner, spent more than 30 million yuan in the Villa decoration.

Worth noting is that in Beijing Xishan area of 124 properties for sale, the average price of 54,000 yuan per square meter. Even with garage, Garden, Villa with luxury decoration, price which is 94,000 yuan per square meter. By contrast, Princess villas cost up to 200,000 yuan per square meter, and expensive at an alarming rate. Why Ah, real estate agent feedback saying, this is not General Villa, “this room is 17 women the Prince of Su Jin Moyu Princess of the Qing dynasty Summer Palace in Beijing, exterior pattern may not be changed.” Deeper layers of meaning behind this sentence is that you bought not 200,001 square houses nor villas, you are buying an antique, a resounding, with the Royal style of Qing dynasty palace!

Ancient House to sell long-term ownership! The news on the real estate market is like a stone thrown into the Lake, Melaleuca wave, spreading exponentially faster over the Internet. First thing everyone thought of fragrant Hill is known as the Shuangqing Villa and Xiangshan elegant Zen. In turn, some people began to think of China in late Qing dynasty and the Republic was beset with political ecology and legend, in this day and age with the legendary spy Manchurian princess Kawashima Yoshiko has a beautiful Princess with a father suffering with stories, perhaps happened in this mysterious palace. Then sell the House legend evolved into selling, selling relics, selling culture. But with the story of Su’s Palace of the brewing, people slowly discover the legendary kind as if nothing was wrong. Since it is a Princess of the Qing dynasty Villa, but without a picture of the cultural relics and historic sites, is hardly convincing, questions around: whether the Villa Princess? Now have permanent property rights say? Royal Garden’s House for sale? Beijing Youth daily reporter recently had come to probe the legendary Princess of Villa, attempted to leaving no stone unturned, to figure things out.


Villagers have never heard what Princess villas

To find this legendary princess Villa really is not an easy thing, Northern green newspaper reporter with the navigation map backdrop to the fragrant Hills front Tower village. Xiangshan trading blocks and turn right, into the narrow mountain roads, walked about one kilometer, was stopped by a pair of yellow suspenders way. Charge of Suspender female villager said, here is the front Tower village village, tourist vehicles are prohibited from entering the village. Northern green newspaper reporter notes is the Princess of the Villa, the female villagers smiled and said with exasperation recently came to Villa Princess Palace, find too many of our people, almost every day. But for the exact location of the Villa, said she is not sure, “I don’t know what Princess villas here. ”

Difficulty climbing into the back of the car, Navigator seems to be lost. North Green newspaper reporter asked several villagers in a row, both said they had never heard of there Villa Princess. A white-haired Don Lee said, shaking her head, his family lived here for generations, no dignitaries from sites in the village, let alone what Palace, Villa Princess. He reminded the North Green newspaper reporter, Beijing knows that Qing dynasty palace in town, what if there was a Palace outside the city, do not normally live, such as fragrant hills four Palace, small West House or something, that is a burial site.

Walk walk, a new style appeared in front of us, looks identical to chain online photo, brick walls four or five meters high, along the top of the stone steps, and two dark red vermilion door. A stone lion on the front side. Beside the door hung a pair of bronze house number, a letter “Jade” words below marked “private residence non-do not enter”, it seems this is the legendary Princess of 17 villas.

North Green newspaper reporter knocked on the door for a long time, there is no answer. Now live across the Villa bei Qing, one villager told reporters, there wasn’t a Princess cottage, before the House is the House where several families in the village 30 years ago to sell in droves outside wealthy, then they pushed several houses, built such a big house. “You don’t wait, usually no one lives here, but once in a while someone comes. “She said.

North Green newspaper reporter observed, this House was not built in the fragrant Hills Park, but in the fragrant Hills Park outside of the small village, apparently inconsistent with the REALTOR description. Villa gate there is no cultural relics Bureau issued a “cultural relic protection unit” sign, that means not to be listed as a protected object, Princess of their Palace, the Villa identity becomes very suspicious.

After visiting Chongqing and a woman passenger was slapped the

Under the Princess villa on the Agency Web site

North Green newspaper reporter then capacity as buyers contact HomeLink real estate broker, the broker said, the owner is a friend of Princess of Jin Moyu, Jin Moyu presented to the owners of the property system. Owners find the chain engaged to sell the property this year. “We were also afraid of the procedures of the House is not standardized, specialized construction shift query results can be sold. “The broker said. Owners dedicated changing room again this year, the property belongs to real estate, property rights only 70 years.

When Princess of bei Qing reporter asked Villa whether there are heritage monuments, the agent’s answer was: “no, all built houses. “It is understood that the houses in residential type belongs to the property in 1993, renovation, 2015, decorated. Although the intermediary who has been showing more than 50 times, but is still in the sale. “This price billions is one reason, another reason may be that the road up the mountain is not very good, and there is no shopping malls, supermarkets and other facilities. “Analysis of the agent.

At present, the HomeLink real estate website, under that housing is already in State projects and broker in the feedback, on “this House is the 17th Prince Su Qing dynasty women, Princess of Jin Moyu in Beijing Summer Palace”, the words “has been deleted from the page.

In response to

Unrelated to the fragrant Hills Park and Villa

North Green newspaper reporter called fragrant Hills Park, staff of the Office, “said Princess of fragrant Hills Park villas for sale” is false the message, there is no such thing, intermediaries said the Princess Villa isn’t in the fragrant Hills Park, and fragrant Hills Park is the property of no relation. The staff said, have not previously heard of Park Su Prince Princess of 17 homes.

It is understood that in March this year, Xiangshan Park Service monitoring to the chain “in the fragrant Hills Park” that sold this home, then sent a lawyer’s letter asking them to correct the information. North Green newspaper reporter in the fragrant Hills Park in a travel guide website, nor any information you find Su Prince Princess House.


Jin Moyu memories is not mentioned in the fragrant Hill Villa

In fact, Jin Moyu life difficult ordeal, and nothing the Villa. Bei Qing newspaper survey data show that Jin Moyu has had two marriages, but did not have children. Was the daughter of Prince Qing Su, secret agents Manchurian princess Kawashima Yoshiko’s younger sister, Jin Moyu labour, spent 15 years in prison.

In 2007, Jin Moyu aged more than 80 media interviews, tells the story of their life experiences. Was born in 1918 in Lushun in Liaoning province Jin Moyu, 13 went to Japan study, 19, arrived in Beijing to work, working in a Japanese startup companies. But her brother, idle, smoke out, so a little bit of selling real estate, including 44 Beijing East real estate, real estate, property in Dalian Lushun. Note that here made no mention of her family in the village of fragrant Hills front Tower also has a villa. In 1949, the brothers went to Hong Kong, leaving Jin Moyu all property is only 100 Yuan. In 1958, Jin Moyu prison, began a 15-year jail sentence. Only crime is that she was born: the Qing dynasty the daughter of Prince Su, spy Manchurian princess Kawashima Yoshiko’s sister.

In 1973, after his release from prison, came to Tianjin Jin Moyu Chadian farm as a farm worker. In 1996, funding throughout the later Jin Moyu in Langfang, Hebei province opened a training school. A few years later, built in Langfang Oriental University City. She bought a house in Langfang settled, few return to Beijing. In May 2014, Jin Moyu died at the age of 95.


Medium usage information black hole shuffle out consumer

North Green newspaper reporter found, real estate agent in order to attract the public eye, fish buyers door-to-door, designing specialized routines, making information black holes. Low bid on a Web site to attract customers. Public Shaw’s recent plans to purchase a two-bedroom near Liu Jia Yao, he queries second-hand information from the intermediary website, find a good investment value for houses: two ju Liu Jia Yao, unit price 35,000, near subway. But the phone call, agents told him that the House sold out early, now here is not the price. Subsequently, Shaw often received from the broker real estate sales call, the agent tried to persuade Shaw even buy 1 bedroom flat, which Shaw to laugh or cry.

Second, withholding information. Lady Lou last year through an intermediary to purchase a court confiscated property, good location, fine decoration, cheap, but get only to find that this House was also carrying an account, is the owner of father. This means that, when Lady Lou to sell this House in future will give rise to a lot of trouble.

Third, false propaganda. Princess House is a typical example of this. Another common real estate agents are the “near subway”, these four words water big should be especially vigilant. Just making IT to Beijing’s Wang Tian Tong Yuan rent a House master bedroom, intermediary providing information said the room near the Subway Line 5 line, but Wang field, from rent to Metro Line 5 tiantongyuan station, walk for 18 minutes.

Four is a false age. Housing construction is an important information for buyers concerned about, as it relates to his life of housing problems. Intermediary to that information brokers are blurring, if when he said “this House was built by jiuji years”, then it is quite likely that the real estate date of birth was in 1990, instead of 1999.

Consumers ‘ associations in April this year, China issued at the end of the housing field report on complaints that home, some real estate agents to conceal the real housing, such as mortgages, housing quality problems, and that seriously undermined consumers ‘ right. Consumers pay a deposit, be informed only after the agency fee. Clients are real estate brokers to conceal ownership of housing-related condition, price, and other important matters, derivable from the high post.


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